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Printed battery company in China

Kunshan Printed Electronics Ltd a new company located in Suzhou near Shanghai has developed a printed paper battery with a voltage of 1.5 volts/cell that can be used in battery assisted passive RFID tags with or without micro sensors.
The company was founded by local investors together with Dr. Xia-chang Zhang, inventor of SoftBatteryTM and one of the founders of Enfucell. The printed paper battery is a power source for low-energy power consuming applications that can be made in various shapes with different sizes depending on customers' needs.
Kunshan Printed Electronics in co-operation with a local machinery company has set up a R2R printed battery mass production line with a capacity up to 40 million cells a year. The battery is delivered in either roll form or pieces.
The printed electronics company is also offering a demo version of HF BAP RFID tags based on the EM chips, which can be used as temperature logger for food and drug quality monitoring and property positioning management.
For more information of the battery technology and specification, please visit External Link. An English version of the company web page will be available soon.
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