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Kickstarter funding for printed electronics demonstrator

UK Printed Electronics company, Novalia Limited are inviting small investors to be part of their story by backing their work through crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.
The team have released a project to manufacture a poster, with printed smart-phone-like capacitive touch. The user simply touches the poster and hears the drums; it's that simple. In return for their support, investors will receive a fully functional interactive poster from Novalia's first, full scale production run.
The project offers two different versions; the first connects via Bluetooth to an app running on an iPhone or iPad & plays the drums wirelessly through the iOS device. The second is a standalone version that plays the sounds straight out of the poster. Novalia have been working with some innovative sound technology and have turned the whole surface of the poster into a speaker. Not only does the user hear the beats, but they also feel them as they touch.
The poster has been demonstrated in a TED talk on this ground-breaking work with printable electronics given earlier in the year by Novalia's founder and CEO, Dr Kate Stone, which has just been released by TED.
"The future potential for this technology is enormous and unlimited," says Dr Stone. "Imagine being able to touch a shop display and the product information is instantly downloaded to your smartphone; a magazine you simply touch to personalise the cover; a printed advert with a build-in social media sharing button. Or what about a medicine- bottle label that reminds users to take their pills? It's an unbelievably exciting field to be involved in, and we really hope the Kickstarter community will be as enthused and energised as we are!"
Novalia have created a product platform based upon integrating low-cost silicon micro- controllers with print. The print processes they employ, which include flexography, offset lithography, gravure and screen, are long-established and widely-used and the team work closely with a number of UK print & packaging companies to ensure that any inventions or designs are fully manufacturable on production presses. This work on combining established print processes with conductive ink systems has led to a strong reputation within the global printed electronics industry.
They have been working with Cambridge University and valued ink suppliers, to develop a unique graphene based ink. Graphene is a novel substance composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, extracted from graphite, with astonishing conductive properties, the Kickstarter project is offering a limited number of posters based upon this exciting material.
The Drum Poster and the technology that supports it is now ready for full production and the Kickstarter pledges will pay for the set up and production of the very first print run. Britain has a long history of innovation in printing paper from the first British printing press set up at Westminster by William Caxton through to a vibrant, modern print & packaging industry that is the 5th largest producer in the world.
"The dream is only a fingertip away from being a reality", says Dr Stone. The pledges will help bring Novalia's technology into the mainstream. But more importantly, they will also contribute to advancing British scientific exploration in printed electronics. Too often Britain has led the field in innovation, only to be pipped-to-the-post by better-funded markets. This is our - and your - chance to put Britain on the map when it comes to scientific greatness."
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Kate's recent TED talk is on the TED website at -
Source: Novalia
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