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Intrinsiq Materials completes $4.1M round of financing

Intrinsiq Materials Inc announces the close of a $4.1M funding round lead by the Cayuga Venture Fund.
"Raising $4.1 million dollars during our latest funding round will help Intrinsiq Materials continue its research, development and commercialization of innovative, game-changing solutions for printed circuit boards, solid state lighting, photovoltaics, displays, smart media, biosensors and aerospace," said Robert Cournoyer, CEO of Intrinsiq Materials.
Cayuga Venture Fund, known for supporting leading-edge, high tech start-up companies in Upstate New York, sees great potential in Intrinsiq Materials. Jennifer Tegan, Partner at Cayuga Venture Fund said, "Intrinsiq Materials has innovative technology for manufacturing conductive nanoparticle inks at scale that are and will help to enable the next generation of products in the printed and flexible electronics industry. We are excited to provide our support and work with the experienced team at Intrinsiq to see it continue to grow."
Additional participants in Intrinsiq Materials' funding round include existing investors Trillium International LP. Additional new investors include Rand Capital SBIC Inc, The Rochester Angel Fund, LLC and individual investors. "We are delighted to have regional investors join us in the support of Intrinsiq Materials" said Jose' Coronas, General Partner, Trillium International. Jennifer Tegan, Partner and VP of Cayuga Venture Fund will join Intrinsiq Materials' Board of Directors.
Intrinsiq Materials, headquartered in Rochester, operates research and manufacturing facilities in Rochester, New York and Farnborough, Hampshire, UK. Intrinsiq Materials provides nanoparticle inks for the emerging printed electronics industry. Intrinsiq's scientists and engineers with over 100 years of collective relevant experience, work with equipment vendors, electronics manufacturers/integrators, and complementary material suppliers making real the promised benefits of functional printed electronics.
Source: Intrinsiq Materials
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