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Cambrios' ClearOhm advanced touchscreen experience for Lenovo Flex 20

Cambrios Technologies Corporation has announced that consumer electronics (CE) giant Lenovo has selected Cambrios' ClearOhm® technology for Lenovo's 20-inch class All-in-One (AIO) computer, the Lenovo Flex 20. ClearOhm transparent conductor delivers significantly higher optical and electrical performance than traditional materials and methods. By implementing Cambrios' innovative conductors, Lenovo is able to deliver a high-performance touchscreen experience via a great looking product. The Lenovo Flex 20 will begin shipping shortly.
"Cambrios' design win with Lenovo continues our longstanding leadership in the touchscreen market. Our industry-leading silver nanowire-based ClearOhm inks deliver best-in-class conductivity and performance, giving global consumers the ultimate computing experience," said Sri Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer at Cambrios Technologies. "We are excited to be part of Lenovo's state-of-the-art AIO design."
ClearOhm inks create the industry's highest optical quality transparent conductive films using single crystals of silver nanowires. Historically, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have used indium tin oxide (ITO) in their products, which require a longer, more expensive manufacturing process than ClearOhm ink technology. ClearOhm-based films have much higher conductivity than ITO, helping to improve end-product performance for both current and future consumer devices - all at an affordable price point. Today, Cambrios is helping deliver innovative touchscreen solutions across various market segments, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and AIO computers.
"Our company continually works to deliver advanced, cutting-edge devices to consumers around the world," said Sam Dusi, Director, WW Strategic Alliances for Lenovo. "When seeking a technology to support our Flex 20 All-in-One computer touchscreen, we actively looked for a solution that not only delivered a high-performance experience, but also lowered the price point for our end-users. Cambrios' ClearOhm transparent conductors answer this challenge and added to our best-in-class product."
Source: Cambrios
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