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Key US patent awarded to Rolith, Inc

Rolith, Inc., a leader in advanced nanostructured devices, has announced the issuance of US patent no. 8,518,633 in the United States. This key patent has already been issued in Japan and Russia. Further, it is currently pending for issuance in another 8 countries including China, Korea, Taiwan and Europe.
RML™ is based on near-field continuous optical lithography, which is implemented using cylindrical phase masks. The technology has been realized in lithography tools: RML-1 (300 mm x 300 mm printing area) and RML-2 (1000 mm x 300 mm printing area) build in partnership with a well-known semiconductor equipment company, SUSS MicroTec. Rolith has additionally developed a proprietary technology for specialized cylindrical phase masks for RML tools and built a facility for manufacturing these masks in California. Recently we demonstrated cylindrical masks capable of continuous (gap/seam-free) nanopatterning on 1 m long substrates.
"Receiving a core-technology patent is an important milestone for the company. It proves uniquiness of our approach, which enables high resolution large area low cost patterning, wih performance not matched by any other competing technologies", said Dr Boris Kobrin, founder and CEO, Rolith. He adds: "Award of this core patent in the US allows us to aggressively pursue commercialization of our technology in application to consumer electronics, renewable energy and automotive markets. It also gives additional competitive advantage in these highly competitive fields."
Rolith has been developing anti-reflective glass products in partnership with Asahi Glass Corp. Recently Rolith has launched a new application development - Transparent Metal Mesh Electrodes for touch screen sensors, OLED displays and lighting devices, and solar cells. Rolith's "NanoWeb ™" electrodes are superior to all ITO-alternative products currently on the market.
Source: Rolith Inc
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