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Call for papers - Manufacturing for Printed Electronics Conference

Manufacturing for Printed Electronics Conference
20th March 2014, Clare College, Cambridge UK
This will be an international conference covering the recent advances in fabrication techniques and materials for Printed Electronics. There will be specific focus on making the transition from 'Lab to Fab' and integrating devices into a final product. The conference will be co-located with the 3rd Plenary meeting of IEC TC119 (Printed Electronics), the standards committee which is a global effort to provide the technical foundation for the printed electronics industry.
Presentations are sought from organisations across the value chain on any subject related to printed, plastic, organic and large area electronics. Potential topics could comprise, but are not restricted to, recent developments in applications, materials and processing. Examples include OLEDs, OPVs, OTFTs, smart packaging, printed biosensors, developments in thin film printing and in understanding of the underpinning physics etc.
The conference will be a great opportunity for individuals to present their work and to meet others, from around the world, who are working in similar fields. This event is open to all. The registration for speakers is free of charge and will include lunch and refreshments.
Abstracts should be a maximum of 200 words and need to outline the highlights of a 20-minute oral presentation.
Initial Deadline for submitting abstracts is Friday 7th January 2014
After the deadline there will be a sifting panel of experts from the IOP PGS, PELG and ESP KTN, to select abstracts for presentations.
Abstracts can be emailed to
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