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T+ink files suit against TouchBase Technologies, Inc

Touchpac Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of T+ink, Inc., the worldwide leader in "thinking" conductive ink, has filed a lawsuit against Boston-based TouchBase Technologies, Inc. for patent infringement. The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Boston, accuses TouchBase Business Cards of infringing Touchpac U.S. Patent No. 8,497,850 (the "'850 Patent").
"Creating interactive innovations that are communicated through our "thinking ink" applications is at the core of our company. We have learned that TouchBase has repeatedly directly infringed T+ink's patent rights by demonstrating uses of conductive-material based products in direct violation of the rights of our patent, and we feel compelled to take action now to put an end to this infringing behavior. T+ink intends to vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights to protect its proprietary technologies," said Justin O'Neill, T+ink's General Counsel.
In its complaint, Touchpac alleges that the TouchBase Business Cards infringe the '850 Patent, which protects T+ink's proprietary systems and methods, including its patented Touchcode® products. Touchcode® embeds a highly secure conductive pattern signature in packaging, labels and other objects that a smartphone can detect through its touchscreen.
Touchpac seeks a variety of relief from the Court, including a permanent injunction prohibiting TouchBase's sale of infringing products, as well as monetary damages, including treble damages for willful infringement and recovery of attorneys fees.
T+ink has a rich history of innovation. It invests heavily in research and development and in the protection of its innovative products and services. The company and its subsidiaries have been granted over 30 patents and have many additional patent applications pending to protect various innovative proprietary systems and methods related to its "thinking" conductive ink solutions. T+ink vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights to protect its proprietary technologies.
Source: Touchpac Holdings
Image: TouchBase Technologies
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