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Production environment becomes european pioneer

Despite heavy competition from major companies and other operators in Europe, PEA (Printed Electronics Arena) Manufacturing, the test environment for the production of Printed electronics in Norrköping, has been designated European "pilot line demonstrator" and will serve as a model for future development. PEA Manufacturing will therefore be the subject of studies on how to create and develop a successful test environment for development of prototypes as well as production.
The project mKETs Pilot line will be in operation throughout 2014 with the express purpose of communicating lessons learned and knowledge gained from PEA Manufacturing to the rest of the EU. The overall objective of the project is to identify how Pilot production plants can help to bridge the gap between research and the manufacture of new products which will create growth in the EU.
Göran Gustafsson, Head of Department of Printed Electronics at Acreo Swedish ICT and Tommy Höglund, Project Manager for Printed Electronics Arena, PEA, were responsible for submitting the application said "We are delighted that our application and the production environment received this level of positive response. When external actors become interested in studying our work methods, we will become more aware of how to make our environment more accessible and efficient. This in turn will result in improved cooperation with the business community and make us more visible internationally."
This project means that Norrköping and Sweden will have influence on how central policies around test environments for pilot production in the EU are designed.
Both Ruud Baartmans, the Project Manager of the MKPL Project and Mauritx Butter, the Scientific Coordinator have high expectations: "PEA Manufacturing is one of four demonstration projects selected by the European Commission. As far as the Project's Steering Committee, which had an advisory role and assessed the applications, was concerned, it was clear that PEA Manufacturing addressed several key technologies in an advanced stage of production environment. In addition, they regarded PEA Manufacturing as having a good collaboration environment that was very close to prototype development in a "real" industrial environment. Acreo's application for PEA Manufacturing received the highest score of the ten candidates. Our expectations are high but we are confident that the project will be successful."
The project will involve an increased number of international visits to PEA Manufacturing in order to become acquainted with the work carried out there. Workshops involving different stakeholders will be held where they can share experiences and move towards developing and defining success factors as well as recognising obstacles that need to be addressed. Interviews and analyses will be carried out; of work practices, of interested parties and companies that have, for example, used PEA Manufacturing to produce prototypes. Experiences and lessons learned will then be presented in workshops and become part of the report that the overall mKETs Pilot line project will present to EU decision makers.
Other chosen sites are, BBEU: Biobased Europe Pilot Plant, Ghent, Belgium; Infineon: Power electronics, Villach, Austria; Sofradir: Cooled IR-detectors, Grenoble, France.
Source and top image: Printed Electronics Arena
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