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Optomec adds advanced packaging systems to printed electronics lineup

Optomec has announced the addition of two new Aerosol Jet additive manufacturing systems for production-level printed electronics. The new Aerosol Jet 300 and 470 Micro-Dispense (MD) Systems were developed specifically to address industry needs for advanced, high density packaging and assembly methods to produce miniaturized electronic devices.
The Aerosol Jet 300 MD system provides the ultimate in high resolution printed electronics capabilities required to manufacture smaller, lighter weight, high performance devices used in the consumer electronics, medical, aerospace and defense industries. Aerosol Jet can print features, including interconnects and pads, as small as 25 microns (1 mil), roughly 8 times smaller than most other dispense and jetting technologies, thereby enabling more electronic functionality in less space. The system can also print in 3D, such as vertical interconnects on stacked die for 3D Semiconductor integration and conformal electronics on physical structures to create smart devices.
Aerosol Jet MD systems come equipped with the latest in machine system control software including programmable recipes that can be tailored for specific inks and applications, advanced vision and programmable lighting for automated fiducial recognition and pattern matching, and a teach and learn mode for capturing dispense process steps. A robust graphical user interface simplifies work piece setup and provides levels of user and administrator system control. Together, these new capabilities ensure consistent micro-dispense operation over long run times, and the control required for small footprint manufacturing. The Aerosol Jet 470 Micro-Dispense system includes all of the features of the 300 MD, but with an increased process envelope for larger work pieces. Optional, in-situ, IR Laser and UV cure solutions are available on both systems.
Mike O'Reilly, Optomec Aerosol Jet Product Manager, states "The Aerosol Jet Micro-Dispense Series addresses customer requirements for high density electronic packaging needed to support shrinking electronic component and die sizes. Developed in conjunction with customers in the Aerospace and Defense industries, the new Aerosol Jet Micro Dispense Series is ideally suited to address batch production applications including component and die attach, underfill and component encapsulation, 3D interconnects for stacked die and other high density packaging needs. These systems bring the latest in additive manufacturing technology to the electronic packaging industry."
Optomec is a privately-held, rapidly growing supplier of Additive Manufacturing systems. Optomec's patented Aerosol Jet Systems for printed electronics and LENS 3D Printers for metal components are used by industry to reduce product cost and improve performance. Together, these unique printing solutions work with the broadest spectrum of functional materials, ranging from electronic inks to structural metals and even biological matter. Optomec has more than 150 marquee customers around the world, targeting production applications in the Electronics, Energy, Life Sciences and Aerospace industries. For more information about Optomec, visit
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