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Archipelago Technology debuts new ink manufacturing process in Berlin

Archipelago Technology, at St John's Innovation Centre, has developed a new ink manufacturing process to help unlock the huge potential of printed electronics.
It will be launching the first product, Silver Nano Ink, in Berlin on Wednesday at Printed Electronics Europe, the flagship conference for the industry.
As electronic devices like mobile phones, tablet computers and smart sensors, become more pervasive, smaller and more powerful, manufacturers are looking increasingly to new technologies for printing electronic components to replace conventional manufacturing technologies.
But moving these new techniques from the research lab to the factory floor depends on being able to make the specialist inks needed, made up of tiny nanoparticles of materials like silver and copper.
For volume manufacturing to be commercially viable, these nanoparticles, each less than a ten-thousandth the thickness of a human hair, must be the same size and shape.
Drawing on research in nanoparticle chemistry at Cambridge University, Archipelago says it has developed an innovative solution.
"Companies in the printed electronics industry are finding it impossible to reach the quality levels they need from standard inks," said Guy Newcombe, Archipelago's chief executive. "By drawing on our unusual blend of expertise in precision chemistry, and the physics and engineering of ink jet printing, we are now able to offer solutions which will help unlock the potential of the hugely important emerging printed electronics industry."
Archipelago was started in October 2012 by an experienced team, led by Dr Guy Newcombe, who had previously worked together for many years at TTP Group in Melbourn.
The company specialises in developing and commercialising solutions to difficult technology challenges requiring a mixture of physics, chemistry and engineering expertise.
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