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2nd annual Canadian Printed Electronics Symposium

The National Research Council (NRC), CMC Microsystems and the Printability and Graphic Communications Institute (ICI) have joined forces again this year to lead the 2nd annual Canadian Printed Electronics Symposium. Held at the Xerox Research Centre in Toronto, the Symposium will showcase the latest innovations, products, technological advances and market opportunities in the field of printable electronics.
Building on last year's successful PE Symposium held in Montréal, this year's event will benefit print buyers, printers, manufacturers, the aerospace and automotive industries, academic researchers and industry associations. Featured speakers include Xerox Research Canada, GGI International, FP Innovations, the University of Waterloo, IDTechEx and other industry leaders. Mr. Raghu Das, from IDTechEx, will provide a market overview of Printable Electronics applications focused on industries relevant for the Canadian economy (packaging, printing, automotive and aerospace).
Thomas Ducellier from NRC will provide an update on its Printable Electronics (PE) Flagship Program, an initiative that provides Canadian industry with the resources and networks it needs to become a global powerhouse. Coordinating key industrial areas - including materials, ink, printing, ICT and digital manufacturing - the program gives Canadian designers and manufacturers a crucial competitive edge in producing PE items for world markets.
Mr. Ducellier will also present a proposal to create a new Canadian PE Industry Association. This national forum would facilitate the development of new networks and business linkages and the exchange of ideas and information, stimulating business and market opportunities for the Canadian PE industry.
For more information and to register, please visit the 2014 Canadian Printed Electronics Symposium website
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