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External Company Press Release

Heraeus and Toagosei in partnership for touch screens and sensors

The application of Clevios™ invisible touch technology providing clear patterning has resulted in the signing of a license agreement between Toagosei, Japan and Heraeus Precious Metals, Electronic Materials Division, Germany. The agreement forms a partnership between Heraeus and Toagosei, which is a breakthrough in the establishment of a scalable ITO alternative for the essential patterning of electrodes in capacitive touch technologies.
This development reflects the policy of creating new products and businesses by the promotion of "growth through collaborative expertise". The partnership combines Toagosei's in depth knowledge of applications technology with Heraeus' advanced materials.
Clevios™ materials for touch technologies are based on highly conductive PEDOT:PSS. The patterning of substrates using Clevios™ conductive polymers and Clevios™ Etch in capacitive touch panels and sensors, particularly as an alternative to ITO, is a key to the advancement of the display industry. Whereas ITO is applied via expensive sputtering methods and is subject to metal price fluctuations, Clevios™ uses economic printing techniques and has a stable price basis.
Toagosei has been developing invisible patterning agents for conductive polymer films independently under the trade name CLEARIMAJU®. CLEARIMAJU® is currently being tested in the touch panel industry. Heraeus has Clevios™ transparent printable conductive polymers that reach <100 Ohm/Sq. and Clevios™ Etch polymer deactivation agents.
Dr Stephan Kirchmeyer, Business Unit Manager, Displays and Semiconductors at Heraeus said "The partnership with Toagosei is an enabling technology, generating exciting new business opportunities and options for the touch display industry. With this patterning technology, displays can be more economic, of higher optical quality and even can be curved or flexible. Mr. Naihito Hayashi, Business Unit Group Leader at Toagosei said "The collaboration of our originally developed CLEARIMAJU® patterning agents and the newly licensed Clevios™ Etch technology enables high speed patterning on a commercial scale and accelerates the practical application of Clevios PEDOT film in to touch panel displays".
About Toagosei Group
Since its establishment on 1942, the Toagosei Group, comprising of 37 businesses, and including the parent, Toagosei, has continued to grow along with the whole chemical sector in Japan. In the financial year 2013, the Toagosei Group generated product revenues of ca. ¥151.1 billion and business profits of ca. ¥14.5 billion. Our business mix comprises commodity electro - chemicals, acrylic products and functional chemicals. The commodity chemicals business which deal with basic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, Acrylic Products business which deploys a consistent business to downstream products from raw materials of acrylic acid, Functional Chemicals business which consists of high-value-added products such as instant adhesives.
Source: Heraeus
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