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External Company Press Release

Intrinsiq Materials announce an extended range

Intrinsiq Materials now provide a range of laser sintering systems and modules to suit a wide range of customer requirements and applications.
Intrinsiq Materials innovative CI series copper nanoparticle inkjet inks and CP series screen print pastes are designed for sintering by light pulse ('photonic sintering') from either broad band flash or laser, depending on substrate and application. Broadband flash systems are readily available from existing commercial suppliers, however suitable laser systems generally have to be assembled from scratch, which can result in delays in integrating the copper ink technology into an application. To address this, Intrinsiq has offered it's own LAPS-60™ precision laser sintering systems for the last 18 months. The systems can be customised to suit a client's individual requirements. Developed over the last 5 years during the development of Intrinsiq inks and pastes, these laser sintering systems have proved very popular with corporate R&D, research institutions and others who are active in the emerging field of printed electronics and are looking to develop and optimise applications, produce prototypes and demonstrators, or even small volume manufacture. So successful has this approach been that Intrinsiq now intends to extend it's LAPS™ range to include more powerful lasers and systems designed for integration into R2R and sheet-to-sheet production systems to suit the client's application and development requirements.
Intrinsiq's Sales & Marketing Director, Ian Clark states that "a number of systems have been purchased by endusers keen to integrate Intrinsiq inks and laser sintering into their next generation products. By offering an extended range of systems, similar to those used by Intrinsiq's own development team, we are enabling ready adoption of our low cost innovative copper inks, providing a complete and flexible low cost solution versus existing processes".
Technology Overview
The patented LAPS-60™ system offers a cost effective approach to printing electronic conductive structures ensuring the total cost of product development and high volume manufacturing is minimised. The benefits of the LAPS-60™ include;
  • Thick layer penetration such that printed layers of over 30 µm can be cured
  • Compatibility with a broad range of substrates including high thermal conductivity materials
-Preproduction option or use as a stand-alone module in existing process equipment
  • Highly tunable laser power and configurable lens system allowing variable energy density depending on substrate and throughput requirements
  • Low footprint compared to convection oven systems
  • Rapid sintering times, typically of the order of milliseconds
  • Minimal substrate heating effects eliminating damage to heat sensitive substrates
A laser module can also be purchased for attachment to existing automation equipment including control/power system and interface software.
Safety and Handling
The laser systems are certified as class 4 and should only be used by trained personnel.
LAPS™ production systems are CE certified.
Datasheets are available on request.
About Intrinsiq Materials
Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company with facilities in Farnborough UK and Rochester US, providing nanoparticle based copper ink and paste formulations and laser sintering systems for the printed electronics industry. The company has additional products in development including nickel silicide ink and copper seed layer ink, nanophosphors and thermoelectric materials.
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