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Novel cosmetics product and wearable demonstrator

Enfucell has showcased two new products based on printed electronics: a new iontophoretic cosmetics patch and a wearable demonstrator. Both products are powered using Enfucell SoftBattery®.
The cosmetics patch has been developed in collaboration with a Spanish start-up company The Ionto Team which will also be manufacturing and marketing the product worldwide with main focus in Europe, Australia and South America. Iontophoresis is a non-invasive technique based on the application of micro-currents on a localized skin area. Using a patch with an incorporated printed SofBattery® and an ionizable gel leads to an increase in skin permeability and faster and more intense absorption of active substances into the skin.
Enfucell is putting increasing effort on medical and healthcare applications as well as transdermal products. To demonstrate the possibilities of SoftBattery®-assisted products and printed electronics in skin related applications, Enfucell has created a wearable demonstrator with a Finnish manufacturing company Screentec. The patch consists of a printed battery, electrodes to be placed on the skin and some electronic components for visualizing the performance.
Additionally, Enfucell has recently released the SoftBattery® Plus technology which enables peak currents comparable to BLE applications. Consequently, in many cases the use of a capacitor can be avoided which is unique for printed batteries.
Enfucell is a leading customized battery supplier to printed electronics industry. The company has developed SoftBattery®, a thin, flexible and eco-friendly printed power source. SoftBattery® can be utilized optimally in disposable and short lifetime products. Main application areas include transdermal delivery systems, medical and healthcare products, RFID and micro sensors, as well as functional packaging.
Source and top image: Enfucell
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