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Holst Centre IP available to start-ups and SMEs

Holst Centre and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) have announced a new, long-term strategic partnership to help small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) convert Holst Centre's knowledge and patents into new innovations. The BOM will make this knowledge available to innovative SMEs and start-ups via licensing agreements, accelerating their entry into the emerging high-tech market for flexible electronics and wireless sensor systems.
Holst Centre is an open innovation center that carries out applied research into new applications for wireless sensor technologies (e.g. wireless EEG monitors) and flexible electronics (e.g. rollable displays). Under this new agreement, BOM Business Development will work closely with Holst Centre to actively approach market players and clusters who can bring the relevant knowledge to market. It will accelerate the availability of knowledge and expertise for SMEs.
"The close cooperation with Holst Centre makes it possible to develop technical innovations faster and to continue our mission to address societal challenges in an entrepreneurial manner," said Jan Pelle, Director of the BOM. "It's an excellent example of how we at the BOM can connect knowledge institutes and the business community. Furthermore, flexible electronics and wireless sensor applications can provide important new crossovers in areas such as healthcare and logistics. We hope that entrepreneurs take notice of the Holst Centre developments and see the enormous new business potential of these technologies."
Managing Directors Ton van Mol and Bert Gyselinckx also see benefits for Holst Centre in this new arrangement. "Through this new collaboration with the BOM, we can more quickly reach a much larger selection of high-tech SMEs and share our latest developments. Moreover, with its network, expertise and financial possibilities, the BOM can offer our international partners essential support," said Gyselinckx.
More details on this valorization program will soon be available at External Link and External Link.
Source and top image: Holst Centre
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