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Major end-users at Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE

IDTechEx is organizing its fifth business-focused conference and tradeshow on graphene and 2D materials in Santa Clara, CA on November 19 & 20. Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE! covers the latest technology developments, applications, commercialization progress and end-user requirements for these and related materials such as carbon nanotubes.
We are co-locating this event with a series of other relevant conferences on supercapacitors, printed electronics, 3D printing materials and wearable technologies. All these sectors are major end-user groups for graphene suppliers.
This event has a strong speaker program. Below you will find reasons as to why we have invited each speaker.
Major end-users
Lockheed Martin has already demonstrated the use of carbon nanotubes in the wingtip of its fighter jets. It is therefore an excellent technology developer for nano carbons and a potential end-user for graphene. Its specific focus on graphene has so far been on its water purification potential but it also has interest in using it as an additive in a range of composite materials.
Cabot Corporation is the world leader in black carbon, which is an additive in many applications such as tires. Black carbon is an incumbent rival to graphene and also carbon nanotubes. In many cases the latter has struggled to displace black carbon despite years of effort. Cabot itself has now started its programme on graphene, positioning itself primary as at the intermediary levels. Cabot therefore will have excellent insights.
TE Connectivity is $14 billion USD that has previously researched the use of carbon nanotube fibres as potential replacement for copper wires (either the shielding or the core). The main drive here is savings precious weight in aerospace applications. Graphene has also shown potential as an additive to copper, increasing its conductivity. TE Connectivity is best placed to offer insights here.
Nokia has been actively developing concepts and researching technologies around flexible and modular mobile phones. Graphene can act as a flexible transparent conducting film, therefore potentially helping the realisation of flexible displays. Nokia therefore has strong overall expertise here.
NASA is known as a technology leader. Graphene can find many applications in the aerospace sector. It can act asan additive bringing conductivity to a range of high-performance and light-weight plastics to make them electrostatically dissipative. Graphene can also be used in wires to potentially increase conductivity. NASA is based to report on these applications.
PPG Industries is PPG is primarily a $15 billion coatings company. Graphene has many properties that might deliver value in this sector. For instance, it can be a protective coating thanks to its high impermeability. PPG Industries also have previous extensive experience with other nanoparticles. They are now leveraging that experience to develop graphene.
Maxwell Technologies is a leader in supplying supercapacitors. Graphene is also a potential candidate for replacing activated carbon as the electrode material in supercapacitors therefore this is a promising target market for graphene. Maxwell is therefore an ideal end-user.
In our co-located conferences, we will have also invited many other companies active in the supercapacitors industry such as Elbit Systems, Bosch, Jaguar, Visedo, etc. In addition, we are bringing research organisations and graphene companies that specifically target this market. London Graphene Ltd, Graphenea, UCLA, AZ Electronic Materials/Cornell University, and Stevens Institute of Technology are the prime examples.
Commercial Applications and Manufacturing Progress
We have also selected graphene companies that can discuss progress on end applications. A major challenge with graphene has been the lack of a killer application. DirectaPlus will highlight their progress including the launch of a graphene-enabled bicycle with their partners, Victoria. Graphene Technologies and Xolve will be giving suppliers' prospective on key commercial applications.
Manufacturing is also a major challenge. Here, we have invited Thomas Swan to present their liquid phase exfoliation technique, Abalonyx to give us an update on the latest technology trends for producing graphene oxide, and Group NanoXplore will also reveal details about their processes.
Carbon Nanotubes
This year we have also decided to bring in speakers from the world of carbon nanotubes. Graphene and carbon nanotubes share many properties and therefore many target markets. The commercialization trajectory for graphene, at least in its platelet form, is following in the footsteps of carbon nanotubes. Therefore, there is competition but also lessons to be learned.
To this end, we have invited Oscial (and Zyvex) to present. Oscial has a promising single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) technology that can substantially reduce wt% loadings in end applications. We have also invited Raymor Industries who can produce high-quality SWCNTs using their plasma technique. SWeNT will also present on the potential of SWCNTs in the printed electronics world.
The Graphene and 2D Materials tradeshow runs alongside the Printed Electronics tradeshow featuring more than 200 exhibiting companies. This is the largest tradeshow in the world for these emerging technologies. The tradeshow will cover equipment providers, material providers, manufacturers and integrators. Confirmed graphene exhibitors include: Abolonyx AS, Applied Graphene Materials, CVD Equipment, Evans Analytical Group, Graphene Technologies Inc., Graphenea and JP World Corporation and many more. Visit for a complete list of exhibitors at the co-located tradeshow.
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