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External Company Press Release

Evonik and Holst Centre enter next phase of joint partnership

Over the last two years, Holst Centre supported Evonik in optimizing material and process of the new semiconductor technology iXsenic® S. Now the cooperation enters the next phase by extending the contract and introducing the revolutionary technology into mass production at a key customer .
During the successful partnership Holst Centre and Evonik worked on the further optimization of the iXsenic technology. For the outside world visible highlights were:
  • High performance solution processable semiconductor iXsenic® S driving a flexible AMOLED display on Polyimide foil presented on SID 2014
  • Development of an 8-bit thin-film microprocessor together with Panasonic showing the ability of iXsenic® S to be used also in a printing process; this device was presented on this year's ISSCC
Now the cooperation enters a new phase: One of Evonik's key customers will introduce the revolutionary iXsenic® S material combined with the well-established slot-die (slit) coating process in one of its fabs. This will be facilitated by Holst Centre and supported on-site in Asia also by Evonik's recently inaugurated Application Technology Center.
"Evonik has the best n-type soluble oxide semiconductors in the world. In this recent cooperation, Holst Centre was able to demonstrate in a reliable process charge carrier mobilities exceeding 10 cm²/Vs uniformly on large areas with a iXsenic® S" said Gerwin Gelinck, Organic and Oxide Transistors program manager at Holst Centre. "This state-of-the-art material and process will now be introduced in mass production which could be the beginning of a new era in display manufacturing."
"Due to their outstanding know-how Holst Centre has done an excellent job supporting the optimization of our iXsenic technology" said Ralf Anselmann, vice president at Evonik. "In this next phase having left the development phase Holst Centre is the best choice facilitating a quick and successful introduction of the process into mass production."
iXsenic® S is a solution-processable inorganic metal oxide semiconductor which is applied via slot-die coating. No vacuum environment is necessary which results in process simplifications, outstandingly high yield and cost advantages. Application areas include high-resolution LCDs and OLED displays, with or without flexible properties.
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