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Full-featured I-Jet 4100 materials deposition jetting system

ImTech, Inc. proudly announces the release of the I-Jet 4100, a tri-dimensional printhead positioning system for materials deposition and jetting analysis. The I-Jet 4100 is a highly precise fluid jetting deposition tool. With its advanced features, the I-Jet 4100 enables you to focus on the functional aspects of your project by reducing your development time. Featuring a print area of 150 mm x 150 mm (5.91" x 5.91"), the I-Jet 4100 delivers all of the functionality of an ink jet printer, including XYZ printhead staging, three cameras for drop evaluation, printhead alignment, and print analysis, printhead cleaning station, and a heated vacuum platen.
The I-Jet 4100 is equipped with GUI software that features full control scripting language, waveform editors and cleaning cycle editors, and bitmap file support, and is ideal for depositing a wide range of inks, including water-based, oil, solvent, UV curable, and biological, onto a multitude of substrates, including plastic, paper, glass, ceramics, and silicon. The I-Jet 4100 is the ideal development tool for materials deposition, jetting analysis, and printed electronics, to name a few.
ImTech Technologies was founded in 1998, in Corvallis, Oregon, by a team of people with a vision to advance ink jet technology into new solutions and applications. From variable data printing to bulk ink delivery systems, ImTech helps customers find complete solutions for their industrial printing needs.
Source: ImTech
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