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New ceramic flexible battery sets records

Flexible batteries have had a difficult time because they are much more expensive than coin cells and they usually store relatively little energy. Nonetheless, there is pent up demand. For example, Sharp Laboratories in Cambridge UK has worked on wide area versions that could form backing on photovoltaics so storage can take place at source, effectively taking no space - a form of structural electronics that can also involve flexible DSSC and CIGS photovoltaics, for example when the whole "sandwich" has adequate life. See the new IDTechEx report, Structural Electronics 2015-2025: Applications, Technologies, Forecasts.
We were therefore interested to meet Water Chen in the "Taiwan Automotive International Forum and Exhibition" TAIFE recently because he showed us a completely new approach, claiming to have exceptional energy density at a remarkable 800+ wh/l. It is the "Flexible Lithium Ceramic Battery FLCB" which looks like the familiar pouch construction of the Bluespark disposable carbon battery and some flexible lithium-ion batteries with wet or polymer gel electrolytes but this one is a dry solid construction with ceramic electrolyte and lithium anode - the lithium metal principle not lithium-ion. It seemed bendable to the typical radius of 1 cm or less and the samples he showed us are of typical area of a few tens of square centimeters. The company is Prologium "Power Your Flexible Life" in New Taipei City. See External Link where versions of up to page size are demonstrated being cut and continuing to work. One plan is for them to prolong the use life of tablets by 50-100% reducing weight and IDTechEx thinks this may also be a route to structural smart skin for electric vehicles if life is adequate. See the IDTechEx EV reports for more.
Vincent Yang is the President and he is technology inventor and owner. Water is in the President's Office, as Special Assistant to the President, focussing on EV and Energy Storage marketing.
Source: Prologium
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Posted on: October 22, 2014

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