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Canatu qualifies CN Innovations as official partner

Canatu has qualified CN Innovations as their official partner for CNB™ (Carbon NanoBud®) Film based touch sensor manufacturing. CN Innovations is the first company passing Canatu's Sensor Qualification Program, which qualifies sensor manufacturers to produce CNB™ Film based touch sensors used in flat or flexible touch displays and touch sensitive surfaces.
Canatu's partnership with CN Innovations offers brand original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) fast development and proven delivery of CNB™ touch sensors and modules into their products. The partnership will target the brand OEM's in mobile and wearable consumer devices, home appliances, white goods and automotive interiors markets.
CNB™ sensor manufacturing requires proven competencies with laser patterning of CNB™ Films. Canatu's sensor manufacturing program focuses particularly on employing CNB™ Hi-Contrast and CNB™ Flex Films in film-based flat or flexible GF1 (Glass-Film), GFF (Glass-Film-Film), PF1 (Plastic-Film) or PFF (Plastic-Film-Film) transparent touch sensors.
"We are happy to announce CN Innovations as the first qualified partner for producing CNB™ touch sensors in high volumes," says Risto Vuohelainen, CEO at Canatu. "This partnership will offer our customers easy and fast way to adapt new touch technology in their electronics products requiring high contrast and new design forms," continues Vuohelainen.
"Products with non-ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) based transparent conductors are gaining more and more interest in the marketplace, and we want to be at the forefront in adapting new technology," says Eric Chong, Deputy Chief Marketing Officer at CN Innovations. "The cooperation with Canatu opens new markets for us and we are able to offer our current customers a competitive choice for the usage of alternative touch technology," comments Chong.
Canatu plans to enlarge the number of qualified CNB™ touch sensor manufacturers to meet the growing demand for touch-enabled electronics products. Canatu is currently scaling up their CNB™ Film production in their factory in Helsinki, Finland.
CN Innovations' headquarter is located in Hong Kong and the main production sites spread across mainland China, employing over 11,000 employees.
About Canatu
Canatu is a leading developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive films and touch sensors for an entirely new class of touch applications. Canatu's transparent conductive films and touch sensors are based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial (Carbon NanoBud®), and a new, single-step manufacturing process combining aerosol synthesis of CNB material and Roll-to-Roll deposition by Direct Dry Printing®. Canatu offers consumer electronics companies the ultimate design freedom with its innovative patents.
About CN Innovations
CN Innovations is a leading innovative technology-based company with a focus on providing Touch and Look components to customers in the growing high-end smart device industry. The Touch and Look components for smart devices include cover glass, touch panels and metal components. CN Innovations offer different kind of products and services which included Conventional Metal Processing & Precision Stamping, Metal Injection Molding, Window Display, Touch Panels and Decorative Coating together with Functional Coating business.
Source: Canatu
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