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New Clevios hardcoat - up to scratch

Advanced electronic materials play a key role in touch panel technologies, such as projective capacitive touch screens (PCTs) and sensors, as well as in printed electronics applications. Heraeus, the leading producer of Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS conductive polymers, is to introduce a two component hardcoat lacquer which enables coatings of enhanced mechanical stability on a broad range of substrates.
On Plastic Solution
Scratch and chemical resistance are key factors in many functional substrates used in electronic devices. A new Clevios™ two component hardcoat formulation, which allows films of high rub and solvent (ethanol and acetone) resistance, along with pencil hardness of 6-8H, broadens the existing product portfolio. This two component lacquer provides sheet resistance of up to 170 Ohm/sq., transmission of about 90% (including PET substrate) and a haze of 0.6%. Where scratch resistance is critical Clevios™ provides the "on plastic solution" whilst maintaining the flexibility of the film. Key applications include plastics, cover glass and touch panels. The two component hardcoat lacquer is marketed under the names Clevios™ F DX-2 and XL.
The Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS range from the Display & Semiconductor Business Unit comprises of solutions for antistatic to highly conductive coatings. Products are tailored for their application method and specific end use. Clevios™ based coatings are increasingly used in touch panels and sensors, as well as OLEDs, and 3rd generation solar cells.
About Heraeus
The Hanau, Germany based precious metal and technology group Heraeus is a globally active family-run enterprise with a history of more than 160 years. We provide high-end solutions to our customers to lastingly strengthen their competitive position. Our areas of competence include precious metals, materials and technologies, sensors, biomaterials and medical devices, quartz glass and specialty light sources. In the financial year 2013, Heraeus achieved revenue from the sale of products of €3.6 bn, while the revenue from precious metal trading was €13.5 bn. With about 12,500 employees in more than 110 companies world-wide, Heraeus is in a leading position on its global sales markets.
For more information please contact:
Heraeus, North America
Dr. Ron Lubianez
Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC
24, Union Hill Road
West Conshohocken
PA 19428
Heraeus Europe
John Bayley
Heraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG
Electronic Materials Division
Building B202, Chempark
51368 Leverkusen
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