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Video preview of Printed Electronics USA 2014

On November 19, the IDTechEx event on emerging technologies opens in Santa Clara to over 2,500 people and 200 exhibitors. The event covers emerging technologies ranging from printed electronics, wearable technology, IoT, graphene, energy harvesting, 3D printing and much more. People coming are going to see the opportunities, understand the value chains and learn their place in these new emerging technologies. The hosts of the event, IDTechEx, outline in this video what to expect at the event.

3D Printing

Dr Jon Harrop and Rachel Gordon, analysts at IDTechEx, explain how unique software developed by IDTechEx shows the range of performance of different 3D printing technologies from 208 3D printer suppliers. This identifies unmet needs/gaps in the 3D printer market, by technology type and other parameters. There is also huge innovation in materials used for 3D printing - and still big needs. IDTechEx have also found that 3D printer projects on Kickstarter have raised almost $20million to date.
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