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External Company Press Release

Thinfilm hires former NXP executive, Claus Hansen

Thin Film Electronics ASA, a leader in the development and commercialization of printed electronics and smart systems, has announced the hiring of Claus Hansen to head the Company's sales initiatives throughout Asia.
Mr. Hansen is an accomplished sales veteran and organizational leader with deep experience in developing high-performance sales teams in competitive environments across China, Korea, Singapore, Japan and India. He has held senior sales and marketing positions for a number of leading multinational and domestic firms, including Gemalto, a 12,000-employee digital security company specializing in smart cards, as well as Banner Plastic Card and DZ Group.
Prior to joining Thinfilm, Mr. Hansen was Senior Director, Identification ASIA (Singapore), for NXP Semiconductors - the world's largest supplier of RFID chips - from 2009 through July 2014. In this role he grew Asia sales from USD120M in 2009 to more than USD700M in 2013, creating a dominant market position for NXP in all segments. He was responsible for the implementation of NXP's IOT strategy in Asia, and was instrumental in driving NFC adoption among regional customers within the electronics segment, including SONY, Panasonic, Epson, HTC, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiomei, and ZTE.
"We are very excited to have a sales leader of Claus' caliber join Thinfilm to lead our sales efforts in Asia," said Jennifer Ernst, Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development. "We've seen tremendous interest in our products and our printed electronics technology coming out of that region, and that interest continues to grow. Claus' experience and skills fit perfectly with Thinfilm's sales strategy for Asia, and the management team is confident he'll deliver impressive results."
Mr. Hansen, who starts with Thinfilm on 1 January 2015 will retain the title of Regional Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Asia and report directly to Jennifer Ernst.
About Thin Film Electronics ASA
Thinfilm is a leader in the development of Printed Electronics. The first to commercialize printed, rewritable memory, the Company is creating printed systems that include memory, sensing, display, and wireless communication, all at a low cost unmatched by any other electronic technology. Thinfilm's roadmap integrates technology from a strong and growing ecosystem of partners to enable the Internet of Everything by bringing intelligence to disposable goods.
Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") is a publicly listed Norwegian company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway, product development and production in Linköping, Sweden, product development, production, and business development in San Jose, California, USA, and a sales office in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ThinfilmMemory.
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