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OLEDS - what people are saying

The industry certainly thinks that OLEDs have a great future, as the following quotations testify.
"It is to be expected that OLEDs using light-emitting polymers will enter the market for flat panel displays and establish themselves as important volume products within the next five years" said S M Kelly in Flat Panel Displays, 2003.
"Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) hold the promise of being the next great flat panel technology, having the potential to displace liquid crystal as the market leader within the decade", Display Search, 2002.
"OLED will take its place as a mainstream technology alongside the LCD, CRT, plasma display panel, inorganic light emitting diode and others", Stanford Resources, April 2003.
"OLEDs have, in our opinion, a high probability of emerging as the long-term successor to the incumbent TFT-LCD", CIBC Equity Research, October 2002. CDT forecast an OLED market coming from nothing in 1998 to a global figure of $2.5 billion in 2007.
Applications include cellphones and other small electronic devices in their view and the implication is that most will use rigid substates for some time yet.
Economics and applicability will be radically improved when these devices are put on flexible low cost substrates with TFTC drive circuits printed on them. Accordingly, CDT has a back to back patent arrangement with Plastic Logic, another spin off from the University that is dedicated to developing TFTCs on flexible substrates and has packaging very much in its sights.
Dai Nippon Printing plan printed posters, an RFID tag poster that interacts with handheld devices nearby and moving colour advertisements on public transport.
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