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First wide-width R2R sintering system for printed electronics

XENON Corporation, the world leader in Pulsed Light, has introduced the S-5100 Wide-Width Sintering System, the industry's first wide-width roll-to-roll sintering solution for printed electronics production applications. "This is a milestone for the printed electronics industry," said Lou Panico, CEO of XENON. "For the first time, manufacturers can sinter metallic inks over a large area, right in the web press production line."
The S-5100 system can be used to sinter copper as well as silver inks over an area up to 50 inches wide (1.27 meters), at speeds of 20 feet per minute (6.1 meters/min) upgradeable to higher speeds. Panico said manufacturers in the printed electronics space have been asking for the wide-width coverage in order to print higher volumes and larger products such as high-definition displays. "The challenge has been achieving uniform energy across such a wide area," explained Panico. "We were able to solve it using our decades of experience in Pulsed Light technology."
Sintering is the process that cures printed metallic inks to produce working electronic circuitry on various flexible substrates such as paper, plastic and film. XENON systems are able to sinter inks in a fraction of the time required for heat-based oven curing, according to Panico. "We're now the first company to offer a full line of sintering systems from bench top lab products for research and development, to wide-width systems for web press production," said Panico.
The S-5100 system includes an advanced touch screen interface that enables manufacturers to easily program and deliver the correct energy to achieve proper sintering without damaging the substrate. The system is air-cooled for easy deployment in production environments, and can work with inks from a variety of manufacturers.
The company delivered its first S-5100 system in February 2015 and is accepting orders for standard and custom versions of the S-5100 for prompt shipment. Working systems will also be available soon at various locations in the PE Test Center Network, a collaboration of companies, research centers and university labs that was formed by XENON in 2012 to help jump start the printed electronics industry.
Source and top image: XENON Corporation
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