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Posted on September 27, 2004 by  & 

Less Toxic Materials for OLED Displays

A UK firm has developed new materials for organic displays which they say are far less toxic than alternatives such as Alq3.
Elam-t's range of materials now includes emitters (fluorescent, phosphorescent and ion-fluorescent) of red, green and blue light as well as transparent buffer materials and electron transport layers.
Elam-t has invented an electron transport layer called E246 that it says is an attractive alternative to the Alq3 (aluminium tris(8-hydroxyquinoline)) used by other firms.
According to Professor Kathirgamanathan, Elam-t's chief technology officer, E246 does not only have treble the lifetime and better color co-ordinates than Alq3 but is also much less toxic.
Elam-t intends to be the sole maker of its materials and license the right to use them to display markets.
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