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Perpetuus Advanced Materials secures landmark commercial agreement

Perpetuus Advanced Materials, UK, has entered into an exclusive commercial agreement with Heraeus, Germany.
As part of this collaboration, Heraeus has completed quality control and customer feedback exercises based on Perpetuus nano carbon, low temperature, high conductivity, functionalized graphene-based inks. In conjunction with Perpetuus, Heraeus will now launch the new range of high quality, cost effective pastes. Production is set to commence immediately.
The Perpetuus Board believes that this agreement, combining advanced nano materials supplied by Perpetuus with Heraeus' ability to manufacture inks and pastes on a large scale, represents the first global mass-market commercial application for plasma functionalized nano carbon enabled technologies.
John Buckland, CEO of Perpetuus Advanced Materials said, "I am proud to announce what I believe to be a world first in plasma processed advanced material enabled technology. With the New Materials economy now truly upon us and having seen large price fluctuations in silver since 2001, we are delighted that Heraeus has become the first business to offer their customers 'conductive carbon' alternatives using Perpetuus Advanced Material technology. We look forward to further developing our commercial relationship with Heraeus as we continue to work together to unlock the huge potential of this new generation of inks and pastes."
David Malanga, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Heraeus Electronics Americas added, "Innovation has been a cornerstone for Heraeus for nearly 160 years and we look for strategic partnerships with companies whose vision is clearly focused on the future. Perpetuus has demonstrated their ability to produce some truly breakthrough pastes and inks, and we are looking forward to taking this innovation from the research lab into the real world to support our customers."
Source: Heraeus
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