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RR Donnelley CustomWave brand of RFID printed electronics

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company have announced the introduction of CustomWave RFID Solutions.
Leveraging its proprietary Printed Electronics platform, RR Donnelley's CustomWave RFID Solutions offer complete smart label solutions beginning with in-house RFID antenna design and performance testing and including printed inlay manufacturing, custom label and tag creation, fully automated quality control, and global distribution and fulfillment services. By customizing the RFID antenna and label/tag characteristics to the application, RR Donnelley's CustomWave RFID Solutions help customers improve their RFID return on investment through better overall performance.
CustomWave RFID Solutions feature the ability to print antennas on a variety of materials, including directly onto a label. Eliminating the plastic inlay and printing antennas directly onto label stock accommodates up to 30% more labels per roll and requires fewer rolls and packaging materials than traditional plastic inlay-based smart labels. Reducing the materials and the process steps enables CustomWave RFID Solutions to provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for smart label production.
"We continue to drive innovation and improve manufacturing processes to add value and productivity to our customers' supply chains," said Ronnie Sarkar, Chief Technology Officer and Sr. Vice President at RR Donnelley. "Our inlay-less, smart label solutions drive efficiencies by increasing the number of labels on a roll, decreasing roll changes and minimizing shipping and storage costs."
RR Donnelley's Vice President of Printed Electronics, Brad Hull, remarked, "Our CustomWave RFID Solutions build upon our years of experience working with RFID technologies, our expertise in label conversion, and our ability to develop and apply new technologies to help our customers solve their most pressing business challenges."
RR Donnelley is a licensee of Round Rock Research, LLC, for RFID technology.
Source and top image: RR Donnelley
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