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Perpetuus Advanced Materials agreement with Graphene Platform Corp

The Tokyo-based producer of graphenes intends to use the Perpetuus DBD Plasma Reactor technology to manufacture functionalised graphenes in SE Asia.
Perpetuus Advanced Materials, a British company at the forefront of advanced material development, located in Ammanford, South Wales, announces that, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and Heads of Terms Agreement (the "Heads of Terms Agreement") with Graphene Platform Corporation ("Graphene Platform" or "GPC"), an established, high quality graphene producer. Mr Shoji Hasegawa is the CEO of Graphene Platform, which is headquartered in Tokyo, with research facilities at The Tokyo Institute of Technology in Yokohama.
Graphene Platform has over many years established a proven track record within the R&D community for producing and distributing high quality graphenes for customers, via its network of distributors and agents, in China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Europe, the USA and Australia.
A license and royalty agreement (the "License Agreement") will be entered into in due course, which will enable GPC to purchase Perpetuus' latest DBD Plasma Reactortechnologyandmanufacturefunctionalisedgraphenes. UsingPerpetuus' latest Plasma DBD Reactors, it is expected that GPC will manufacture and supply 100's of tonnes of plasma functionalised graphenes to its Far East customer base, allowing them to progress from R&D to commercialisation in the enhanced composite, energy storage and advanced electronic application markets.
Perpetuus Advanced Materials CEO, John Buckland, said, "Our team have known and worked with Mr Shoji Hasegawa and Graphene Platform for a number of years. GPC understand that graphenes can be more effectively introduced into existing products, if they are supplied via 'graphene-enabled intermediaries', which are pre-designed to their customers' production specifications. We are delighted that GPC have signed the Heads of Terms Agreement, and we now expect to make our first reactor sale outside of the UK once the License Agreement is signed. We have great confidence in GPC's ability to rapidly expand the sales of our functionalised graphenes in the Far East. This is a significant step in our ambition to quickly make our DBD Plasma Reactor technology the global standard for producing industrial quantities of functionalised graphemes".
Graphene Platform Corporation CEO, Mr Shoji Hasegawa said, "Our mission is to/spread the use of graphene materials, educating and encouraging our customers to adopt these 'wonder materials' in a variety of applications and electronic devices. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality graphene materials and intermediaries as quickly as possible. Perpetuus' latest DBD Plasma Reactor technology is essential to our ability to meet this goal".
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About Graphene Platform Corporation
Graphene Platform's mission is to spread the use of graphene 'super material' and to encourage this wonder material's adoption in commercial quantities for a variety of applications and electronic devices.
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Source: Perpetuus Advanced Materials Ltd
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