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New BLE golf sensor patch from Enfucell

Enfucell has developed a SoftBattery® powered wireless golf sensor patch in a joint project with a leading technology company. The patch is attached to a golf club head for measuring acceleration and angular velocity. The acquired data is transferred via low energy Bluetooth (BLE) to an application on a mobile device. Enfucell battery powers the BLE data transmission without additional capacitor demonstrating the highest peak power capability in the industry. Battery is also fully integrated to the system.
The disposable patch is helping golf players to improve their swing. This is the first time that a player can actually get feedback from the club head. A fully integrated printed battery enables thin and light construction which does not interfere with the normal stroke. Thanks to the BLE communication, data can be analyzed on site on the driving range during a training session. The data is collected to and processed on an Android tablet.
A similar patch can be tailored for other racquet sports, shooting, bowling, etc. Enfucell is looking for partners for commercializing the product.
The new product platform completes Enfucell application range with previously introduced temperature logger (collaboration with NXP) and iontophoresis patch (collaboration with The Ionto Team, Spain). Also these products have fully integrated Enfucell battery technology.
Enfucell will be showcasing the new sensor patch at Printed Electronics Europe trade show on April 28-29, 2015 in Berlin. Booth #D11. See External Link.
Enfucell is a leading customized battery supplier to printed electronics industry. The company has developed SoftBattery®, a thin, flexible and eco-friendly printed power source. Its business model is based on licensing the battery technology. SoftBattery® can be utilized optimally in disposable products which benefit from the thin and flexible form factor. Main application areas include transdermal delivery systems, medical and healthcare products, as well as logistics solutions. Enfucell's customers and partners include many of the world's leading corporations in their fields. Find out more at External Link.
Source: Enfucell
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