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Making LED-illuminated advertisements light and flexible

VTT is involved in a European project, developing novel LED advertising displays, which combine thin, lightweight and bendable structures with advanced optical quality. The project will implement, for example, a LED display that will give the viewers a 3D experience without their having to wear glasses designed for the purpose.
The OptIntegral project, launched at the beginning of the year, uses a manufacturing process based on in-mould hybrid integration of TOLAE (Thin, Organic and Large Area Electronics) and photonics components. This enables manufacturing of LED displays at a lower cost and higher display resolution than is possible today. In the manufacturing phase, the optics are moulded directly upon a bendable LED substrate in an injection moulding process. This will make the displays energy-efficient, very lightweight, bendable and even three-dimensional. The three-year project will develop, for example, bendable illuminated advertisement board suited for transport and other applications requiring 3D designs and light weight.
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd will implement the bendable LED substrates for the displays with a roll-to-roll manufacturing process. As a future vision, VTT is developing the in-mould hybrid integration technology integrated directly into the roll-to-roll manufacturing process. This would make it possible to benefit from mass production and significant cost-savings in the future.
Neonelektro Oy is another Finnish participant in the project in addition to VTT.
The project is coordinated by Fundació Privada Ascamm (ASCAMM) and the consortium consists of Simulacions Optiques SL (Snell) and Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación (AENOR) from Spain, LumyComp design and Megatex Commerce Ltd from Bulgaria, Holografika Hologramelőállító FEJLESZTO és Forgalmazó Kft. from Hungary and University of Bath from the UK.
Source and top image: VTT Technical Research
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