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Nissha succeeds in developing new conductive material

Nissha Printing Co Ltd is engaged in joint development with C3Nano Inc based in the United States, of silver nanowire ink expected to be a conductive material of the next generation. The two companies have succeeded in achieving development targets concerning high transmittance and low sheet resistance.
Nissha promotes the development of conductive materials as an element of touch panels. Conductive materials consisting of silver nanowire ink have low sheet resistance and excellent flexibility, promising to bring new value to the next generation of smartphones and tablet devices.
The successfully developed conductive material maintains high transmittance of 90 percent or more while satisfying low sheet resistance of 30 ohms per square, and has entered a phase for verifying combinations with Nissha's various processing technologies (patterning). Nissha will further embark on the development of touch panels employing the conductive material with an eye to mass production in fiscal year 2017.
Source: Nissha Printing Co Ltd
Top image: 3M
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