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Directa Plus & Vittoria Group: Launches Graphene based Bicycle Tyre

Directa Plus, founded in 2005, is a technology company whose goal is to develop, market and use innovative processes for nanomaterial generation. The following video interview with them, taken at the IDTechEx Graphene & 2D Materials in Berlin, covers more details about the company.
Production plant and research laboratories are located in Italy, within the ComoNExT Science Park, and in Germany.
Directa Plus has developed and patented a scalable and environmentally friendly process for the production of large volumes of pristine graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs). On June 2014, Directa Plus opened the largest European Pristine GNPs production plant (according to available data) called "Graphene Factory", based on a patented and granted technology and with a production capacity of 30 tonnes/year.
The company won the best commercialization award at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe event for use of its graphene in tyres (read the article about that here).
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