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Unique 3D printed electronic demonstrations

You are cordially invited to visit CERADROP MGI at the Printed Electronics USA 2015 Conference (Booth C12) to view live production demonstrations of the X-Series digital deposition system and reserve a personal presentation at the University of California Berkeley, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) Dept. Laboratory of Advanced 3D Electronic Printing. The Printed Electronics USA 2015 Conference will be hosted by IDTechEx at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California from November 18th-19th.
Guests will learn about exciting new scientific discoveries and emerging commercial applications for 3D printed electronics - and witness extraordinary recent developments in inkjet production processes. Topics will include materials, methods and systems. Academic, Government & Business participants will receive key 3D Electronic Printing research insights, valuable technical knowledge and an exclusive university lab tour of patented Ceradrop technology at the event.
November 20th, 2015
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Dept. Printed Electronics Laboratory
513 Sutardja Dai Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720
UC Berkeley EECS scientists will demonstrate how to put 3D Printed Electronics theory into practice via Ceradrop technology, educational presentations and audience Q&A. The tour will be hosted by Professors Vivek Subramanian and Ana Claudia Arias, whose research has been focused on cost-effectively printing high-resolution micro-electronic circuitry and 2D/3D structural components with nano-particle materials, conductive metal inks, semiconductors and other bio-chemical formulations. The Ceradrop X-Series offers integrated functions for achieving application development goals from prototyping to full production.
Please contact Ceradrop's Tim Luong @ +1-408-219-8764 & to register as a guest at the UC Berkeley Event and participate in the Printed Electronics USA conference. Additional conference information can be found at For more information about Ceradrop and the X-Series of Inkjet-based Printed Electronic Solutions, please visit External Link.
Source and top image: Ceradrop
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