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Beer bottle lights up when touched

Oculto, a lager blended with beer aged on tequila barrel staves has unveiled two new interactive packaging innovations. These included a first-of-its-kind illuminated bottle design featuring smart label technology and "Relics of the Night," which leverages the Internet of Things technology to give the Oculto bottle a digital life. Both of these innovations help to further the Oculto brand personality of mystery, intrigue and seduction.
"With the original Oculto packaging, we focused on creating a truly innovative bottle with a host of discoverable elements - everything from hidden messages on the back of the label to eyes that mysteriously appear when the bottle gets cold," said Mallika Monteiro, senior director, Oculto at Anheuser-Busch. "Oculto's unique positioning and social nature inspired both the illuminated bottle and the Relics of the Night digital activation to further highlight the personality and social nature of the beer."
To create the illuminated bottle, the brand partnered with Inland Packaging to leverage smart label technology featuring printed electronic pathways, paper batteries, micro switches and LED lights with a pressure sensitive label design. The pressure switch is placed where the thumb naturally falls while holding a beer bottle, and once pressed, the LED lights begin to shine through the eyes of the mask on the front of the bottle for about three to four seconds. The special edition bottle was only available at the launch event and will be featured at select Oculto events in 2016.
"Inland is thrilled to partner with Oculto to create this innovative, illuminating bottle," said Tricia Sime, Packaging Innovation Director, Inland. "This technology demonstrates how packaging and marketing can come together to bring consumers a full sensory experience."
In addition to the illuminating bottle, Oculto also unveiled the "Relics of the Night" geo-targeted web application during the Garden of Hedon, marking the first time an Anheuser-Busch brand has used Internet of Things technology via bottle scan. For one month adults 21 and over in the Miami area can participate by scanning the Oculto mask on their bottle, signage, or napkin, and uploading their image to at select events. Once uploaded, consumers are given a chance to "spin the bottle" and win prizes including a $25 credit for car service, Minibar delivery, Oculto T-shirt, Miami Heat tickets or a VIP table at LIV nightclub.
These two innovations were unveiled at Oculto's Garden of Hedon masked event in a secret garden, aimed at inspiring individual discovery and exploring the brand personality of mystery, intrigue and seduction. Guests' identities were hidden behind the Oculto mask, allowing secrets to begin the second they stepped through the gates. The one-night only event featuring surprises and unknowns around every corner, offered each guest a unique and unforgettable experience.
Oculto is available at high-end bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as many grocery and liquor stores across the U.S.
Source and top image: Oculto
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