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A new name for a proven product for polymer electronics

Leverkusen, - Intrinsically conductive polymers are becoming more and more important for the electronics industry. The leading material in this area now has a new name: From 8th April, the 3,4-polyethylene dioxythiophene based BAYTRON® from H.C. Starck, which has proven itself in the widest range of applications, is being marketed only under the new name CLEVIOS™.
Background: All patent rights for the BAYTRON® products are with H.C. Starck. After the separation of our company from the Bayer group, they have retained the naming rights for BAYTRON® - thus, making this name change necessary. "Beyond that, everything remains the same for our users," emphasizes Dr. John van Put, General Manager of the Electronics and Optics Business Unit at H.C. Starck. The name CLEVIOS™ stands for the "Clever invention of solutions".
With this versatile functional material, H.C. Starck has breathed life into conductive polymer technology. So far, successful applications of CLEVIOS™ include transparent antistatic-coated films and conductive polymer capacitors on the basis of tantalum and aluminum, which will soon effectively displace conventional designs. New kinds of OLED displays, organic solar cells, electronic paper, and printed electronics are just a few of the many possible applications.
H.C. Starck GmbH
John Bayley
Product/Key Account Manager CLEVIOS
Electronics and Optics Business Group
58361 Leverkusen
Phone: +49 214 30-26718
Fax: +49 214 30-56284
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