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PolyIC demonstrate polymer-driven RFID tag

125KHz all-polymer tag demonstrated

PolyIC, a German company developing printed electronic circuits and jointly owned by Siemens (49%) and Kurz (51%), demonstrated their all polymer RFID tags at Smart Labels Europe this week.
Operating at 125KHz, the tag had a read distance of about 5cm. It currently uses a metal antenna and an all plastic circuit. This has been achieved by creating organic rectifiers (working at 125kHz). Wolfgang Clemens, presenting at the event, said 13.56MHz rectifiers are possible and he stated that PolyIC will be able to acheive a working 13.56MHz RFID tag.
Eventually PolyIC intend to tackle the biggest RFID market - item level tracking of consumer packaged goods, competing with silicon based tags, but early applications they are looking into based at low frequency include anti counterfeiting.
Wolgang described their next focus being to scale up manufacturing. He will be presenting and showing a demosntration of the technology at Printed Electronics 2004.
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