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Cambrios restarts Its silver nanowire business

Champ Great Int'l Corporation has announced it has purchased in assignment for the benefit of creditor (ABC) proceedings the assets of the former Cambrios Technologies Corporation, the Sunnyvale, CA-based leader in silver nanowire technology. Champ Great has formed a new company, Cambrios Advanced Materials Corporation that will continue research, development and sales of silver nanowire inks. Cambrios' best-in-class technology, top-notch team and a roster of tier-one customers worldwide make it a valuable investment for Champ Great.
"Most Silicon Valley tech companies don't get a second chance, but investors at Champ Great clearly saw our value now and going forward," said John LeMoncheck, Cambrios Advanced Materials Corp. president & CEO. "This investment action demonstrates the value of our incredible technology and the great market opportunity for a patient and supportive investor. The company is now well funded, we are rehiring key team leaders, resuming product shipments and delivering on the promise of silver nanowire technology adoption."
"The newly formed company will continue R&D and sales of silver nanowire inks to the global markets," said Michael Chiang, Chairman at Champ Great. "We have always been a believer in the technology and now have the ability to take silver nanowires to the next level as one of the mainstream technologies for use in touch screens and other emerging applications."
Source: Market Wired
Top image: Berkeley University
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