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SmartKem expands presence to support flexible display roll-out in Asia

SmartKem, the UK based developer of the truFLEX® semiconductor platform for the manufacture of flexible displays and electronics, has made significant investments to support company expansion and the roll-out of its technology platform with display manufacturers in Asia.
The company has expanded its presence at the UK's Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) with new equipment and a stream of new engineering appointments, and has also upgraded its thin film transistor (TFT) test facility in Manchester to enable faster validation of reliability test data for customer projects in Asia.
In addition, SmartKem has installed a state of the art, large-area slit coating machine to enable further process optimisation of truFLEX® semiconductors. This allows the refinement of customer specific coat process protocols over large areas with precise nanometer control over film thickness uniformity - a critical factor in maintaining transistor uniformity and yield in the manufacture of flexible displays.
Commenting on the expansion, Steve Kelly, CEO of SmartKem, said: "As a leading player in the development of flexible displays, SmartKem is committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation in the sector." Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment and personnel enables us to focus on developing processes and formulations that meet specific customer production line needs, speeding up the technology transfer process. This enhances our service offering by allowing customers ease of access to a semiconductor platform with exceptional TFT performance and reliability, a prerequisite for manufacturers and brands operating in the flexible display market today."
SmartKem's organic semiconductor platform offers world leading electronic performance combined with physical ultra-flexibility - but unlike traditional inorganic materials it does not require a vacuum and is processed at room temperature using standard solution coating equipment. This offers OEMs a high performance, unbreakable TFT platform for the production of flexible displays, sensors and logic circuits, all produced on low cost plastic substrates, for the first time.
Source and top image: SmartKem
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