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Thinfilm and Jones deliver automated application NFC OpenSense tags

A joint initiative between Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") and Jones Packaging Inc. ("Jones") has now enabled the automated application of Thinfilm's NFC OpenSenseTM tags to paperboard pharma packaging on a Jones high-speed production line at the company's primary converting facility in London, Ontario, Canada.
The customized Jones production line can apply and read up to 15,000 tags per hour. Thinfilm's "Tag Talks First" protocol is a key feature of the OpenSense tag and enables a read-speed that is up to 20 times faster than conventional NFC solutions. This makes it an ideal technology for use within the high-speed, high-volume packaging production lines found in the manufacturing facilities at Jones.
The partners have published a video that visually shows the automated process. Key steps include setup of the carton, application of the tag, read of the NFC chip, recording of key information, and ejection of compromised packages.
Jones and Thinfilm are engaging leading global pharmaceutical companies to integrate the smart technology into product packaging and deliver the solution to market. The ongoing collaboration between the partners will also include the integration of ferrite shields with the OpenSense tags, which will enable the NFC technology to function on metalized packaging such as blisters commonly used for cold/flu medication.
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Source: Thin Film Electronics ASA
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