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External Company Press Release

National Optics Institute strengthens its acquisition of CeraPrinter

CERADROP, a MGI Group company, announces CeraPrinter F-Serie, All-in-one Hybrid Process Development system, installation at INO - National Optics Institute in CANADA. "Striving to produce and supply flexible and complete solutions for Printed Electronics in the world market we are pleased to highlight the choice and recognition of our CeraPrinter F-Serie by INO. Such a famous and powerful Canadian institution covering numerous fields of industry and being a leader in optics and photonics domain has installed CERADROP system for advanced process development. The printer is featured with hybrid materials deposition technology Inkjet and Aerosol Jet® together with integrated post-process multi-curing modules permitting its efficient use, multi-team co-working and easy upscale in order to address the challenges in advanced research and new developments. " stated Nicolas Bernardin, Deputy Managing Director at CERADROP.
"Following a rigorous public tender process, CERADROP MGI Group was selected as INO's digital deposition equipment supplier, as the new F-Serie CeraPrinter had a superior match with the bid requirements. During the installation and certification at INO, CERADROP has already proven to be a supportive supplier. In the future, INO will certainly continue to benefit from this important support for the development of new printed electronics/photonics processes." noted Martin Bolduc, Ph.D. Researcher at INO - National Optics Institute.
"The choice of our equipment by INO and partnership on the topic of photonics field development in Printed Electronics represents for us a real potential interest and background to move forward for new collaborative results and achievements." concluded Nicolas Bernardin.
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About CERADRoP, A MGI GRouP Company
The MGI Group is composed of MGI Digital Technology, headquartered in Fresnes, France, CERADROP, located in Limoges, France and KÖRA-PACKMAT, located in Villingendorf, Germany. Founded in 1982, MGI Digital Technology designs, manufactures and markets a full and innovative range of awardwinning digital presses and a complete line of versatile finishing solutions. CERADROP designs and markets Materials Deposition Digital Printers exclusively for Printed Electronics Industry and Smart 3D Printing. Thanks to its modular-based scalable concept, CeraPrinter Series models present new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products into the Printed Electronics market. Combining several materials deposition technologies as well as the latest generation of curing modules, this equipment line permits to reach a wide range of application fields such as: membrane switch, antennas, sensors, passive components, interconnection, flexible solar cells (OPV), OLED Displays and others... As the subsidiary of MGI Group focused on Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing, CERADROP can call up more than 60 engineers specialized in inkjet engine, mechanics, automation, software, chemistry, and ink management to supply the best materials deposition digital printing solution from advanced R&D up to 24/7 high performance manufacturing including photonic curing and high throughput manufacturing capacity of several m²/min. Moreover, CERADROP is supported by the MGI Group network in 70 countries with 50 representatives. Achieving more than 75% of its turnover from export and providing a unique process support to its customers, CERADROP makes easier and more efficient use of Digital Printing technology for Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing worldwide.
About Ino
A leading technology designer and developer, INO is Canada's largest center for industrial optics and photonics expertise. INO has developed over 6,000 custom solutions to date for Canadian and international companies across a wide variety of fields, has performed 63 technology transfers, and has helped create 30 spinoff companies employing over 1,500 people. INO has almost 200 employees, more than 80% of whom are scientists involved in research. INO's printed electronics/photonics development roadmap has two main orientations: (1) Development of new sensors/imagers and (2) Development of post-treatment manufacturing equipment. To this matter, the INO MOPAW fiber-coupled laser platform used for local curing/sintering and micropatterning is expected to be advantageously integrated into the CERADROP printer.
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