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Webinar Thursday 14 February - Market Outlook for the Aerogel Industry

Webinar Title: A Market Outlook for the Aerogel Industry
Date: Thursday 14 February
Presenters: IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst, Dr Richard Collins
Space is limited - reserve your seat today!
There has been seemingly no limit to the hype and over-inflated proposed market infiltration surrounding the properties and proposed applications for aerogels. To date, the high price-tag has meant that the unique properties aerogels possess have only been valued by a few major industries.
However, despite a period of turbulence and long research periods the 10-year outlook is set for growth. IDTechEx has become an authoritative voice on this industry for many years and forecast the market for manufacturers to exceed $530m by 2029. This is driven by new market opportunities, new market entrants, and capacity expansions.
This webinar will provide an introduction and market outlook to the aerogel industry, it will include:
  • Overview of inorganic and organic aerogel materials.
  • Commercial status of aerogel manufacturers.
  • Key challenges faced in production.
  • Significant market news between 2016-2018.
  • Insights into the aerogel patent landscape.
The content of the webinar is taken from the IDTechEx report - Aerogels 2019-2029: Technologies, Markets and Players.
We will be holding exactly the same webinar three times in one day. Please register for whichever session is most convenient for you.
Date: Thursday 14 February
Duration: 20 minutes
Webinar #1: Asia-Pacific
10:00am (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing
10:00am (GMT+8) Australian Western Standard Time
11:00am(GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul
12:30pm(GMT+10.30) Australian Central Time
1:00pm(GMT+11) Australian Eastern Time
3:00pm (GMT+13) Auckland, New Zealand
Webinar #2: Europe
10:00am (GMT) London
11:00am (GMT+1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
12:00noon(GMT+2) Athens, Jerusalem
Webinar #3: Americas
9:00am (Pacific Time PT) USA & Canada
10:00am (Mountain MST) USA & Canada
11:00am (Central CST) USA & Canada
12:00noon(Eastern EST) USA & Canada
5:00pm (GMT) Londo

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