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IDTechEx Graphene & 2D Materials 2019 Award Winner

At the IDTechEx Graphene & 2D Materials conference and exhibition in Berlin on April 10-11, the first graphene award for the Most Significant Advancement In Graphene, CNT, Or 2D Material Commercialisation was presented.
The judges of the awards were Dr Nikolaus Nestle - BASF SE and Ivan Buckley - Graphene@Manchester
The awards were presented by Dr Richard Collins of IDTechEx in Berlin on 10 April 2019.
A summary of the winner is as follows:

NanoXplore Inc.

Construction of a 10,000-tonnes-per-year graphene plant that produces graphene at selling price of $10/kg
In January 2019, NanoXplore completed the private placement for total gross proceeds of ~$31M for construction of a 10,000-tonnes-per-year graphene plant that produces graphene at selling price of $10/kg.
The modular 10,000-tonnes-per-year graphene production plant consists of 5 graphene production lines, each with a capacity of 2,000 metric ton/year.
NanoXplore has already finished the feasibility study and now has entered the detailed engineering and procurement phase of the plant equipment. The new graphene facility is located in Montreal (QC), in an existing 70,000 sq.ft industrial building.
NanoXplore's new graphene plant has given the company a real first-mover advantage by producing large quantities at prices well below current levels.
One of the judges commentated " NanoXplore's bold scale-up of graphene production should finally tear down the idea that graphene is just too expensive to be used as an additive in polymer composites for real-world applications"
The next IDTechEx Graphene & 2D Materials award ceremony will be held in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA on November 18 & 19. For more details visit

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