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What companies are saying about Printed Electronics USA

Printed Electronics USA taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Nov 16 & 17, is the world's largest event on printed, flexible and organic electronics and all its applications. With over 200 exhibitors and 3,000 attendees expected this is a must-attend event. See and learn new things, understand what end users want and discover exciting opportunities at this international event drawing attendees from 47 countries.

Here is why some of our exhibitors and speakers are attending:

The IDTechEx event is amazing and for me, it is like being a kid in a candy store of innovation!... I know that I will be inspired by what I see at the exhibit hall.
I have been attending the Printed Electronics USA event for the past seven years now. Year-over-year it has been energizing to witness the tremendous growth in the printed electronics field, reflecting the proliferation of new technological applications that aim to address the limitations of conventional rigid electronics including scalability, cost, performance, and durability. Finally it seems that printed electronics is evolving from niche applications to widespread adoption in the consumer, industrial, and medical fields.
The IDTechEx Show, provides a great opportunity for both companies to share their technologies and as well as companies looking for innovation that can create new opportunities in a wide array of industries such as healthcare, aerospace, to consumer goods. The printed electronics industry is rapidly growing, to have the ability to work with others in the industry can only help get further faster.
I am interested to see the new technologies on display on the exhibition floor. I attended last year and that was a highlight for me.
The event in Santa Clara is unique, in that it is bringing together several fields of advanced technology that are changing our daily lives under one roof.
IDTechEx brings together a lot of events under one umbrella. This is our 'can't miss' event of the year. Because our ultra-thin film, flexible battery has applications in so many areas - IoT, wearables, sensors, printed electronics, energy storage — we can reach all of these areas, customers, partners and suppliers, in one place.
See full details at and register now to ensure you keep up to date with how printed electronics and related technologies will impact your business.

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Posted on: October 26, 2016

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