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A World without wires

A World without wires is something that many of us dream about. The idea that you can walk into a room or public place with your laptop and instead of consuming battery, it is recharged, may be within the grasp of Intel scientists.
This new technology is likely to involve printed metal patterns. Based on principles proposed by MIT physicists, Intel researchers have been working on a Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL).
The company has already demonstrated powering a 60-watt light bulb without the use of a plug or wire of any kind, which is more than is needed for a typical laptop.
WREL promises to deliver wireless power safely and efficiently. The technology relies on strongly coupled resonators, a principle similar to the way a trained singer can shatter a glass using her voice. At the receiving resonator's natural frequency, energy is absorbed efficiently, just as a glass absorbs acoustic energy at its natural frequency. With this technology enabled in a laptop, for example, batteries could be recharged when the laptop gets within several feet of the transmit resonator. Many engineering challenges remain, but the company's researchers hope to find a way to cut the last cord in mobile devices and someday enable wireless power in Intel-based platforms.
The company predicts big changes ahead in social interactions, robotics and improvements in computer's ability to sense the real world. Justin Ratner, Chief Technology Officer at Intel said "Intel's research labs are already looking at human-machine interfaces and are examining future implications to computing with some promising changes coming much sooner than expected."

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Posted on: August 28, 2008

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