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IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe on track to break new records

Printed Electronics Europe, now in its 13th year, will be held in Berlin, Germany on May 10 - 11 2017. The event, hosted by industry analysts IDTechEx, distinguishes itself due to its focus on the commercialisation of the technology, with insights from some of the World's biggest end user companies on their needs and progress.
The event features over 220 speakers and an expected 3,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors, with hands on printing and demonstrations throughout, from the latest smart textile wearables to solar powered vehicles.
It is the event covering all of printed, flexible, hybrid and organic electronics which brings together these technologies with global brands in one place.

Key themes: The hottest topics

The entire event is devised by industry analysts IDTechEx, who invite speakers because they cover information that is the most ground breaking and pertinent to the industry at this point. Key sessions include e-textiles and wearables; hybrid electronics - matching printed and flexible electronics with conventional components; structural electronics and 3D printed electronics; energy harvesting; flexible displays; printed electronics systems; manufacturing advances; energy storage innovations and new material breakthroughs.

All the supply chain in one location: Saving you time

IDTechEx gear the event towards looking at the commercial prospects of the technology, meaning that many end users in attendance come from a range of industry verticals including healthcare, automotive, consumer goods, consumer electronics and the built environment.
Whether you are a material provider looking to understand the needs from end users, or an end user looking to see what component and material solutions are available, this event will bring you together with the industry.

No hype, just business

Attendee feedback from the event has been very strong, including:
"I think this show is one of the best tools to bridge the gap between industry capabilities and end users' needs, to have technology and solutions find a common path." Coveme
"It is a very informative event which tells the technology developers the trends of industry and market, so that people like me are more aware of where to put our R&D efforts." Suzhou Institute of Nanotech
"This event provides access to the key decision makers we want to inform about our business." Haydale Ltd

Impartial assessment

In addition to the two day conference on May 10 -11, on May 9 and May 12 a series of masterclasses will be held covering different aspects of the technology in great detail, from RFID & Smart Packaging to Sensors and Actuators to Printing Technologies for Electronic Applications. These are conducted by IDTechEx analysts and select global experts, brining you up to speed with the latest progress covering forecasts, markets, players, technologies and outlook. They enable attendees to receive a rapid, insightful and thoroughly researched insight into the topic being covered.

Why IDTechEx

IDTechEx has covered the printed and flexible electronics industry for over 15 years through extensive global research and events. Our global contact database reaches more than 80,000 people in this topic, and the event brings together the key stakeholders with that important focus to helping out attendees achieve business. Learn more at External Link and register early for the best rates.
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