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IDTechEx Show! Exhibition Grows by 30%

On May 10-11 an estimated 3,000 people from over 40 countries will meet at the Estrel Convention Centre in Berlin to discuss the commercialization of a diverse range of emerging technologies.
The event brings together big brands with the latest emerging technologies including sensors, energy storage, energy harvesting, electric vehicles, IoT, printed electronics, 3D printing and advanced new materials.
The exhibition space has sold out, with 191 exhibiting companies and an additional 25 posters - up 30% in total compared to the prior year. The exhibition features many exciting zones including:
  • Launchpad - featuring demonstrations of new products from early stage companies
  • Demonstration Street - see products and prototypes from around the world
  • Manufacturing Street - see live demonstrations of manufacturing equipment
  • Apparel zone - the latest in e-textile wearable technology
in addition to the networking awards ceremony, exhibition conference theater and other exciting experiences including a chance to drive a Tesla and see the latest energy independent vehicles.
The conference program at the IDTechEx Show! features 245 speakers from 24 countries, covering needs and problems faced by different industries to the latest progress with the technologies that can address these challenges.
The opening Cornerstone presentations set the scene, with the following speakers:
  • VF Global Innovation Center, a $12.5 Billion company that will be covering the future of wearables;
  • Galvani Bioelectronics, founded between the $35 Billion GlaxoSmithKline and a subsidiary of the $90 Billion Alphabet, Google's parent, covering the linking of bio sciences and electronics;
  • ARM, who's technology is used by over 5.5 billion people;
  • Toyota, the biggest automaker in the world, covering mobility innovation.
After the Cornerstone presentations the conference program splits into parallel tracks covering the key themes of 3D printing, sensors, electric vehicles, energy storage innovations, sensors, printed and flexible electronics, graphene, the Internet of Things and wearable technology.
Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx who organize the event, says, "Our event content is driven by our global analyst team, highlighting the true opportunities and needs that these emerging technologies can address. This unique event therefore provides attendees with real insight into how they can create value and provides an important role in linking user companies to enabling technologies to enable the faster successful adoption of these technologies."
One of the speakers at the prior IDTechEx Show!, Heidi Dohse, spoke of her experience, "I was happily working for one of the best recognized companies in the world while also pursuing my two passions - healthcare and cycling. At the IDTechEx Show!, I met my current employer who offered me a dream opportunity where I could pursue my passions on the job! Now I am working on graphene healthcare sensors and fast charge batteries for eBikes. I have been going to the IDTechEx Show! for the past three years, the experience is phenomenal, you can learn so much about a variety of emerging technologies all under one roof." Heidi Dohse, EVP - Product Execution, DTI Holdings.
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Posted on: May 3, 2017

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