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The new electronics paradigm

An exciting new form of electronics is emerging - one in which electronics can be printed over large areas, be flexible, stretchable, foldable and cheap enough to be disposable on promotions and packages. This so called "printed electronics" is enabling printed displays, solar cells, functional circuits, batteries, sensors and even sound devices - all in a new form factor. Over 3,000 companies around the World are developing the technology - from giants such as IBM, HP, Canon, Kodak and BASF to many start-ups and university spin outs.
The technology will not replace most conventional electronics initially, but rather do new things due to the new form factors and price points possible, such as displays on packaging, solar cells embedded into clothing, pharmaceutical packages which remind you when to take your pills, and posters which are digital. Early applications include e-readers, printed battery testers on packaging, printed displays on advertising posters, and even a display on the cover of a magazine - the October edition of Esquire sold in the US.
Such examples are just a glimpse of what is to come. The printed electronics technologies are now ready for commercialization and the next stage is to bring in the creative minds from design companies, packaging companies, consumer brands, toy companies and advertisers. Companies first to explore this opportunity can offer exciting new propositions ahead of the competition.
IDTechEx, an analyst company, is hosting the World's largest event on printed electronics in San Jose, CA on December 3-4, 2008 and encourages such companies to attend. You will learn all about the technology and see it in action, in addition to hearing from companies discussing it such as Apple, Avery Dennison, Structural Graphics, Nokia, Stora Enso, The Kraft Group, Toppan Forms and many more. For details of the event see
In addition, a special masterclass is being held aimed at those seeking to learn how to apply printed electronics to create new markets or improve existing products. The masterclass, called "Creating new products with printed electronics," will explore the opportunities by industry sector and appraise the technologies and timelines.
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Posted on: October 17, 2008

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