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Gentag due to speed up introduction of mobile RFID sensor technology

Gentag are due to speed up the introduction of their advanced mobile RFID sensor technology with a distribution agreement with BrightCard, Inc.
BrightCard will initially focus on the integration and deployment of Gentag's patented RFID technology in kit form, including cell phones and passive sensor tags, focusing on business development with strategic industry partners.
The nascent market for RFID sensors is set to explode. Building upon well-known passive RFID standards, Gentag's technology brings the cost of sensors down by an order of magnitude. Tightly coupled with ubiquitous wireless networking, their technology enables a wide range of applications which were previously cost prohibitive.
Numerous consumer applications will be available using standard cell phones and substantial demand will be generated among business users when coupled with smartphones and PDAs.
Gentag say that they are facing unprecedented demand for their RFID technology from many vertical industry segments, such as the cold supply chain and the medical diagnostic markets.
Both companies will be working closely together to familiarize strategic partners to help them adapt the capabilities to fit with a wide range of application requirements.
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Posted on: December 26, 2008

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