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Samsung expected to slash manufacturing costs of OLED displays

Recent reports suggest that Samsung has developed a new production method that could slash the cost of OLED manufacturing and change the face of display production with a 300% improvement in screen functionality.
The new Amorphous Oxide TFT technology is 3 times more effective than the existing Amorphous Silicon TFTs. In particular the new process can be incorporated into existing manufacturing processes, significantly reducing costs.
High performing devices can be mass produced at lower manufacturing cost and can be applied widely to LCDs, AMOLEDs, thin film solar cells and LEDs.
Kim, Yung-hwan, Senior Managing Director of Samsung said "In mid and long term, we will be able to expand its application to semiconductor peripheral circuits" he added that it would become the key technology to semiconductor devices in the future.
For the first time in the world, Samsung SDI succeeded in developing the best definition AMOLED panel, which applied Amorphous Oxide TFT technology earlier this year.
Samsung are expected to make an announcement shortly.

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Posted on: December 31, 2008

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